Thursday, June 14, 2012

Literally? Literally...

Hey Everyone,
I know that you haven't heard me for quite a while that is true. Well, here I am now.
Some thoughts that needed to be written.


What is important? I am asking myself while I am watching what is happening everyday in my country.

To survive. Literally? Literally...

If the answer shocks you, I cannot change the fact that is the truth and not a myth. I read somewhere that Greeks use the word literally, literally.

We are literally poor, literally hopeless, literally hungry, literally jobless.

Literally we are being killed everyday.
Literally Greeks are commiting suicide everyday.

Literally sick people, whether have cancer or heart problems or diabetes, don't get their drugs.

Literally some children don't eat properly because their parents don't have the money to buy them the essentials.


The list is endless literally.

Greeks are dying whether you want to hear it or not. And yet, some are standing and pointing at us and being sarcastic, mean or even indifferent. Literally.

On Sunday we have elections again. Greeks will vote. What I want LITERALLY is someone to care and do something for the people who are suffering.

Kalimera in Greek (good morning) means literally good day. Although we pray every day to be a good one all day, we know that for some won't be. Literally.

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  1. My heart aches because it seems as though the people who hold the power are helpless [hopeless, selfish - I don't know which] to make the necessary changes to turn the country's fortunes around. It's almost impossible to understand how a culture as rich and storied as Greece's would allow conditions to deteriorate so terribly and yet other countries have had very hard times too. Again, it isn't the masses, but those who are in charge who have the power but need the courage to step up and make the right decisions.

    I will pray for courage and insight in your upcoming elections. But I will also pray for mercy and relief to those who suffer the most.

    Love, Tanya


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