Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One year ago...

Kalimera Everyone,
I do hope you are all okay :) Today is a very important day for me. So, here are some thoughts. 


One year ago I started writing my first book. One year passed? Yes it did. Through that year many things happened. First of all, I changed. I became more mature. I know now more than I did last year. 

How so you will ask? I studied hard for this knowledge though. It didn't come just like that. I am reading a lot. I continued my CW seminars. I decided that if I want to write then I have to know what I am doing. If I know now? I think I have tasted a a bit of what is going to come. No one can claim that knows fully the art of writing. 

One year is a very long time in a life of a person. Especially with what Greeks do face every day. So, I will try to cherish this past year and continue the circle of a new one. Maybe next year my efforts will reach base. And after a while, another effort will start. Another circle, another way of watching Life. 

Thanks to all those who are / were near me this past year. You do know who you are. Your support was everything I was hoping and more. I continue my journey, as Kavafis wrote, until at one point I will find my Ithaca. Until then, I will enjoy the ride, even if the sea is unfriendly and dark clouds make it impossible for me to see forward. 

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