Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Διήγημα: Οι μεν και οι δε...

Σκέψεις διάσπαρτες έγιναν μια ιστορία. Η μούσα μου θεώρησε ότι έπρεπε να ακουστεί. Για όσους παραμένουν ελπιδοφόροι μέσα στην καταχνιά της ομίχλης.

Καλή ανάγνωση,

Διήγημα : Οι μεν και οι δε...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When someone takes your future away, can you take it back?

Some thoughts on what is going on in the country the past days. Things that needed to be addressed. Can you refuse that need? I couldn't.


Lazy bad Greeks.

This is how we are called these days from the foreign media. We are spoiled-rotten children, who don't listen to our "strict" teachers. They want to save us and we don't want to be saved! Who are these Greeks anyway? They don't work hard, and they hold a glass of frape while they are fooling around...

I can write more. The question is do I feel like one? I don't think so.

For the past eleven years of my adult life I was working. Hard. I even worked when I was studying. Again Hard. 

I won't deny that we have corruption nor that our politicians built their own system in order to get votes. 
But some people didn't participate in that system nor they lived based on that notion. 

You cannot condemn a whole nation just because the majority or the minority (according who you ask) was living in luxury or with loans. 

There are also those Greeks that they didn't take any loans at all, and believe me if they wanted they could. Those Greek haven't spoken. They continued to work and paid their taxes. They continue to create and live their lives, but not for long.

Do you have any idea what kind of Law was passed through our Parliament this past Sunday?

If you learned that tomorrow your wage was cut with 22%. If you learned that you cannot buy milk, bread and food because the VAT is in 23%. If you learned that you have to pay a debt you didn't know anything about. If you learned that young people as their first salary will get 400€ and they have to live and prosper (?) in a country where the prices are in London high, then you should realize that my generation and the next are doomed. 

They took our future away.

Can we take it back?

I don't know. Maybe, if we immigrate in another country. 

As for the Greeks that will remain behind, if they don't commit suicide and / or die from starvation, cold or diseases they will be modern slaves. If that word frightens you, then say you didn't see it at all. 

Just remember, next time a "threat" will arise and it is outside your door, Leonidas nor his 300 Spartans will be there to save you. 

In the meantime, Greeks will be long dead, and so will be democracy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ποίημα: Ξεθωριασμένα όνειρα...

Καλημέρα και καλό μήνα,
Η μούσα μου σήμερα μου ψιθύριζε σκόρπιες φράσεις που ίσως να σημαίνουν κάτι, ίσως και όχι. 
Θα τις καταγράψω εδώ πιο κάτω για όσους θέλουν να τις διαβάσουν. 

Ξεθωριασμένα όνειρα
Έφυγες ή φεύγεις, δεν έχει σημασία
Κρατάς στα χέρια σου μισό κομμάτι από την καρδιά σου
Το άλλο δε το έχω εγώ
Δεν άνηκε σε μένα
Όνειρα που κάναμε μαζί, τώρα γκρίζα και ξεθωριασμένα

Κρυμμένα μυστικά στα χείλη σου
Κρυμμένα πίσω από τους βυθούς της ματιάς σου
Θαμπώθηκα από το κάλλος τους 
Πίστεψα στο ψέμα, έχασα εμένα

Έφυγες ή φεύγεις, δεν έχει πια σημασία
Η αγάπη σου ήταν ρούχο δανεικό
Δεν άνηκε ποτέ σε μένα

Δική μου μόνο είναι μια θύμηση ροζ που ξέβαψε στις άκρες
Το μελάνι που χύθηκε άναρχα στο κάδρο
Αποτύπωμα ενός αόρατου έργου που δε τελείωσε ποτέ
Έμεινε μόνο ένα ξεθωριασμένο όνειρο, σαν και εσένα

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