Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am thinking...

Happy New Year! Kinda late I know but, I haven't planned this entry. Still, here it is. Some intangible ideas or maybe not. As some say, there are days and days...

Thinking Of You

There are days that I am thinking that I am quiet and maybe, just maybe some feel that I have gone far away. 

There are days that I am thinking that I have to do so many things, and although I am doing them. I am leaving a part, someone behind. It is not easy to stay focused.

I used to be more extrovert, but now I am more focused and introvert. I communicate yes, but I do talk only when I have something to say.

So many people express their opinions, the noise is so much sometimes. 
Sometimes, we don't even realize that we produce noise and not sound. 

If you had quality time for yourself what would you do? Do you have any idea how hard is to lock everything outside and just be yourself? 

If you had a chance to change anything. What that would it be?
I am thinking that there are times that Life is happening when we are too focused somewhere else. 
I am thinking that Change is inevitable and we don't realize it until it is too late.
I am thinking many things at the moment and my consciousness is flooded by sounds, images and words.

Too many words. 

I am thinking. Do you?

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