Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keeping your sanity...

Hey Everyone,
Kalimera from Athens. I do hope you are all okay. I know that the past posts were mostly in Greek but that was an internal need. Those short stories wanted to be told in my mother tongue. I cannot promise it for now, but if I find time I will try to translate them also in English.

It is really hard for us to keep our sanity. Several things are happening spontaneously in our everyday life that challenge our notions about life, our health (mental or not) and finally our strength. Two days ago, we all froze from what our Prime Minister did. Most of the people are shocked and angry with him because what he did shows a lot about how little he respects the citizens of his country. If he wanted to ask our opinion,  the referendum should have happened before the IMF and not now, after all those bail outs, cuts and deals.

I am trying to write, but it is not easy. Inspiration cannot come when you cannot focus. The only thing I can say is that this endless adventure starts to unite us. Those things that once were lost might be found again. If this continues then there is Hope. Hope for everything our generation is fighting for. We cannot kill our darlings. We cannot kill our dreams and hopes, because if we do, then the future will be miserable.

I am grateful for all those who are in my life, my family and friends. There are times that we need to smile and remember that we have to live our Life too. I am also extremely sorry that I cannot be online much, I don't do it on purpose, but it is needed for my shake.

So that is our truth. The one you don't see in the news. The one numbers cannot describe. We are trying to keep our sanity and this is not easy at all.

Have a nice day ahead.

Until Tomorrow,



  1. Hugs to you from Ireland, I understand how hard things are. Our government are determined to bow down to IMF.

    Chin up, keep writing. That and my family keep me sane.

  2. My darling Cleo,

    My heart and prayers are always with you my love, I know my words are a poor comfort but I hope they bring you some relief and warmth my darling, darling girl...




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