Friday, November 11, 2011

Messing...with the Voices!

Hello Everyone,
Kalimera from Athens. I do hope you are all okay. After ten days of uncertainty, yesterday we found out that we have a Prime Minister! I don't know what this man will do, but at least we have one now. I have stopped, again, watching the news. I need to detox and that is exactly what I am doing. 

Last night, I was writing an exercise for my seminar. Basically I was re-writing a scene from my story but from another Point of View. My story is written from my lead heroine's pov. I prefered to write a part of this chapter from my lead hero's pov. And the outcome is surprising. I really love his voice, it gives us a lot of perspective, his and how he perceives the whole incident.
Also I do hope the Artist is this one
Some of you will say, ahem we don't know what is your story about. You are right. I cannot say much until I have the first draft in my hands. Then I will give you more info about it. And maybe just maybe I will post this outtake when the story will get published. (Yes, I am an optimistic and I have a goal.)

My fellow-writers will know how lovely is to mess with your characters and their voices. It reveals a lot more about your character, their thoughts, insights and their reactions. The more you write a story, the more you want your characters to open up with you. I think I am in a good place with them. These days I really enjoy the antics of another male character. He is too talented and he knows it, but I have to give him justice he is not a snob. I think of him as a charming and funny young man. -Yeah, yeah I am messing with you too...I cannot say I am sorry!  I do hope I made you curious enough to want to read this story.

Have a nice day ahead and a lovely weekend. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Until Tomorrow,

P.S. I have to thank Killian McRae for giving me the idea for this title. :)

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