Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An epiphany that rocked my night!

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Hey Everyone,
Kalimera from Athens! I do hope you are all well alive and kicking! As promised here is another blog entry. 

Last night I was writing a specific scene when a tiny image passed quickly from my mind. I froze and stopped what I was doing because that tiny image led me to an epiphany. My creative writing professor 's words echoed in my mind :
"In a novel everything you introduce to your readers has a usage. Sometimes it has an underlying or even hidden meaning. Even if the readers don't make the connections at all, a writer has to know exactly what he/she is talking about."
I replayed that phrase for several minutes until the adrenaline was off my system. As a writer I gave birth to my characters. I gave them a name, a background. I tried to find things they like and now that they are complete human beings I am really proud about them. Proud as a mama can be for her children.

So it was a revelation for me when some this subplot was revealed because I haven't planned it in the beginning. It was like I found a missing piece from the puzzle I was looking so eagerly these past months. Because lets face it, while writing a story you cannot know everything. You have the story, you have an outline but some things are a bit shady especially if you are focused in other parts. 

If I am happy with this? ABSOLUTELY! For me this is a reward. It will simply make better my story plus this gives me the wings to continue what I have started. Writing is not easy at all. Especially if you want to write a good story. So, yeah yesterday it was a magnificent end to my day. I do hope that your day was a good one as well...

Until Tomorrow, Have a nice day ahead...


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