Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello...Is Anybody Here?

Hey Everyone,
Kalispera....I know that it is a while since I updated my blog but you have to excuse my absence. I would like to thank all those who entered my blog since it was created and read some of my material. I am really happy that you dedicated some of your precious time to my thoughts and ideas.

So, let us introduce shall we? I am Cleopatra and this is my writer's blog. I am writing since forever but you can see more about me HERE. If you want to talk to me don't be shy... You can find me on my Twitter and on Google+ (Check on the sidebar for my official links.) I really like to communicate with people, so yeah I would like to see you more in here, commenting and sharing your thoughts.

So, let's now go back to the fact that I wasn't active on my blog. Yes it is true. Although, it is summer I am working on a very important project at the moment. Well important for me and maybe for some people in the near future. I am writing my first Greek novel. There I said it. It is a project that I am working the past two months and this idea is in my mind from the past year. After a seminar in creative writing I felt more sure about who I am as a writer, what I want to write as my first novel and...I just followed my guts.

So here I am in a very hot Tuesday night, where I should be writing, but I am doing a lil break to finally write this blog entry! I will try to blog more and as a matter of fact, I have a special book review I want to do within the next days. Just be patient if I am not here much. Writing is taking almost all my free time and for those who don't know I am working the weekdays 9-5 as the rest of you. So, when my Muse is calling I am writing. Have to go for now but I will be back!

Until the next time, have a nice evening ahead.


P.S. Do you want to know one of the songs that are in my playlist for this novel?

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