Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey Everyone,
Last night I attended Bon Jovi Live in Athens concert. It was their first time to Greece and literally a lot of people were waiting for this gig. We have booked our tickets pretty early and after all those months we were finally there. I have to say that there are not enough words to describe, how beautiful you feel when you are in a stadium full with 80.000 people, while Bon Jovi were performing.

I believe that many of you, who are reading this, have felt something similar. Of course, this might have happened with another artist but I want you to focus to your feelings. I was listening to their set list and I did a step back in time, when I was listening to them as a teen.

Some of their songs have coloured my school days and teen life in general. So, I have to reveal that last night those memories came up to the surface. I was surprised at first but I smiled. Who hasn't cried with their "Bed of Roses" or "Always",? Who hasn't shouted to an ex "You give love a bad name". Who hasn't danced or yelled with their friends "Have a nice day" or "It's my life" and so many more?

It is so beautiful to remember that era. Being young and careless. Try to recall how you perceived life even with your innocence. The first time you fall in love or someone broke your heart. But above all, the most important thing is that for once more, you have access to your inner child. The one we all have hidden when responsibilities take over.

While I was doing the seminar, our teacher pinpointed to us, the importance to remember that inner child. What were your fears, thoughts, ideas at that time. If you ask me, if this is really important, the answer is yes.

Writers must be open to all the memories, good and bad in order to be able to express themselves without silencing anything. If you cannot be truthful with yourself, how you can do so with a character? How can you touch other people's lives while they are reading your book?

I am always writing with music. For me it is like oxygen. I cannot think myself without music or even in cases that there is silence without rhythm. Everything is interwined, emotions, music, words. So, last night gave another light to my teacher's advice and I will try to follow this advice as much as I can.

Until Tomorrow,

Have a nice day!


P.S. This Romeo is bleeding....Enjoy Always

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