Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revisiting Old Friends....

Hey Everyone,

I missed writing poetry so tonight I will try to remember the old times, - If you want to check my poems bug me and I will give you some links *winks*

So, what I should write? Let me think about it a little...:Poetry needs its time.

Stories of a Peaceful Soul

I like silence. I feel annihilated.
I think mostly it has to do with the calmness of the soul.
So eager to rest, so eager to feel blessed.

Cherished moments that I can recall.
Thinking of you, of our love.
Thinking what I miss and what I loved.

It is easy to remember when the other one is gone.
We choose to remember memories that cover happiness above all

I like silence, I feel content.
In silence I can remember all those things I forgot when you were here.
In silence I can draw my set and live again.
I like silence, I feel blessed.
Even though, I live without you in a world where my peaceful soul learnt to blend.

Until Tomorrow,

Have A Nice Day / Night

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