Thursday, December 16, 2010

Writing and Pleasure

Hey Everyone,
Here is another entry...Today we are going to talk about writing and if you can call it a pleasure.

I will try to help you with a scene...Try to do what I am describing...okay?

Imagine that you are at your home, wearing the most beautiful dress (if you are a woman), suit (if you are a man) and in front of you you have the most magnificent chocolates. They are not simple ones. They are liquor filled chocolate candies, with cherry. You take one and take off the wrap. 

You bring the candy near your nose and you enhale the aroma...Instantly you have an urge to eat it. That is the plan but don't do it yet. You are closing your eyes, bringing again the candy near your nostrils to feel the aroma. It is more intense right?

 I know, now you are insatiable...You want to eat it. You want to feel the cherry liquor in your mouth. You want to feel that bitter sweet nectar in your taste buds. You bring it closer and final you bite the fine chocolate. A tiny taste of the elixir is now in your mouth and you want more. You take the remaining candy in your mouth. You close your eyes and let your senses to overpower you. 

When you have swallowed the last piece of the chocolate and the liquor, you open your eyes and you feel overly satisfied... writing for me... a pleasure....*winks*

Until Tomorrow,

Have A Nice Day / Evening!

1 comment:

  1. i totally lost in the chocolate Cleo... Now i want some... RIGHT NOWWW... ;) apart from that... its a deep thought and not many people feel the same way right!! to me writing is freedom, angels, fresh air and from now on.. chocolate also :p


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