Thursday, November 7, 2013

Poem: That's Not The Point..

It's been a while. Too many words are dancing in front of me. I have to write them down...

That's Not The Point

Leaves are falling, feeling blue.
I look at the sky, I see nothing but you.

You said you will come and find me
That's not the point
You said when you see me you always smile
That's not the point

I know when your eyes are lying
I can see brown snowflakes dance
I know when your smile is genuine
I can read you like an open book

Leaves are falling, feeling blue
I look at the sky, all I can see is you.

You said come with me
We will be good together
You said let me take you far away
Trouble makes your eyes gray

Leaves are falling, feeling blue.
You are not here, yet I am with you.

The air is talking, we just move.
We walk away, yet here we stay.
That's not the point.
That's not the point.

My friend Kristina Foulias is singing this amazing song...

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