Friday, October 18, 2013

The Indie Corner: Interview with Debra Anastasia

Hello Everyone,
After a while, I finally managed to start again a new series of Interviews. This part of my blog is called 'The Indie Corner.". For this time, I am really happy to have around Debra Anastasia. I know her for several years and all I can tell is that she has a heart of gold. Just don't be afraid from her potty mouth, she is an amazing lady and a very good author.

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself.

I’m a mom, a wife a nimrod and an author!

Q: Which book you read lately that made you laugh? 

I actually listened to Brian Regan, a comedian and he always makes me laugh. My recent books have been serious. 

Q: Poughkeepsie was your first novel. How do you feel that in almost two months its sequel “Return to Poughkeepsie” will come out? 

I feel super nervous. It is Beckett and Eve’s story so it’s almost an anti-romance. They are so volatile and deadly. 

Q: Was it easy to “visit” again those characters?

It was awesome. I missed them all and it was great to see the depth and growth they have had. 

Q: Did any of the characters surprise you? How?

Βeckett surprises me in that he always does things the wrong way. He is tough to plot with because I think he is going one way and he totally doesn’t. 

Q: Do you want to share with us a scene or a quote?

He wrapped her ponytail around his fist, leaning close to her ear. “I’m never opposed to sexual favors as payment.” “I’m too exhausted to kick your ass. Drop my hair. You know better.”

Q:  Your stories have a strong usage of the dipole good or bad, whether is a Seraph and a devil, a team of good people vs gangsters. What draws you in those stories?

I think the characters draw me in, finding what makes them tick and shaking up their world. And yes, there are a few that curse their faces off. 

Q: Do you have a favorite character? If you can decide and why.

I think Satan Jack from the Bittersweet Series is my favorite. He was supposed to be a villain and I just fell for him. He burned up the scenes he was in and I was forced to get to know him better. 

Q: Through the years you have supported numerous causes. This month you are trying to raise awareness to breast cancer and for that reason you wrote a novella “A night with Andres.” All the proceeds will go to charity. Do you think that authors can inspire their readers to become more active in several causes?

My hope is that readers have a reason to indulge in something they enjoy and contribute to a cause. Cancer is an incredible, merciless bully and I’d like to see it cured someday. If my readers and I can help, then I love that. 

That was Debra Anastasia! I do hope you enjoyed the interview as I did. 

Debra's Website
Debra on Twitter
Debra on Goodreads

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