Thursday, November 29, 2012

#TwitterFiction: Request for an ending...

Kalispera Everyone,
As it seems, I have a request. My friend Yorgos asked for a dirty kinky happy ending...
I am thinking to write the ending. But I will let my heroes to write it themselves...One Piece at a time...!

So, here are the tweets ( 1 , 2, 3 ) I posted in the morning...

So what do you think? Should I write another verse?
I was trying to find my way out. The glass of wine felt so cold in my hands. "Are you shivering?"  Someone whispered behind me. 
The voice was unusually mesmerizing. I closed my eyes and nodded. He finally found me. That thought echoed in my head . 
Glass shuddered and liquid spread. I moved towards the door, but he grabbed me first. "Going somewhere?" I thought he said.
I was ready for the worst. My heart was beating fast. I was not afraid, mostly anxious to learn what will happen next.
His touch was light like a feather. He knew. I shivered on the possibilities. "Why did you come now?" I was ready to...and he knew it.
The answer to my question, was a ghost kiss. The silver blade was a reminder of a bad dream. I knew it well, but so did he.
I had to get away. The adrenaline was intoxicating me. I wanted this feeling. I was seeking it out these past months. Getting away. Getting it done.
I had to leave from his presence. I had to. Or else. He knew. I didn't want anyone to know my weaknesses. I moved forward. I moved even when I felt the pinch on my arm.
The mark was not that deep, but blood started to run down my arm. I had to go away from him. He came for me and I wasn't ready. I was not ready. What have I done?
His laugh startled me. "I was looking for you, for a long long time, my dear." He said, with a voice that I haven't heard before.
"You thought that you could evade me forever?" He chuckled. "You asked for a favour and now it is time for you to pay. And I collect all my debts..."
I took a deep breath and I stopped fighting him off. Not that he minded. He liked to be violent when he was not obeyed. So did I, or so I thought at a time.
"Our deal is off." I told him. "You didn't do what you promised me." His hold became milder. "You knew, and still you lied to me."
I was waiting for his reaction. Here I was being brave in the arms of the man who could end me. My life was nothing for him. I was nothing for him.
Time passed by and he did nothing. I tried not to show my surprise. One move and he might... I had closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was alone. He was gone.

>>There are some stories that have no endings. This one was just a scene. Maybe I will write the whole story another time. Just say it. So simple.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I will definitely be looking forward to reading the next verses! If I may suggest a plausible addition to the plot including a light bondage scene and possibly an s/m action leading to a hot sex scene.


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