Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ladies and Gentz: This is the *new* me!

Παιχνίδι με τις λέξεις ή μήπως είναι κάτι άλλο; Θα δείξει..


A game with words or maybe is something else? We shall see...


Hello, this is Cleopatra. Not the old one, but the new one. 

(A voice from the audience) Question: WHAT do you mean the new one? I came to see...(voice fades)
Me: Ι mean what I say. I am different. I have changed. 

I am a different person. Don't laugh! It is true. I am a different person. 
So different actually that I can see clearly what happens around me at times, while at other ones I just notice without uttering a word. 

*looks to the faces, smiling* I know you are dying to ask another question! Here don't be shy. Who is going to be next...

(Another voice from the audience) Question2: How much time this transformation needed?
Me: Do you mean how much time I was "working" for this change?

(Voice #2 pauses. Thinks a bit): Um...Yes, that is what I mean exactly.
Me: (looking sympathetically) Months, maybe more than a year. 

So, ladies and gentlemen  this is the new me! A bit quizzical maybe, don't worry the old me is definitely here, somewhere, but it is a slightly different version.

(drops voice for effect) I have no answers to give, but it's true. You can all change. 
It is plausible only if YOU want to. And before you ask. If I wanted it ? Yes I did. My conscious self had a chat with my unconscious self. (They also had a glass of wine together but you didn't hear that from me!) 
In the end they agreed. It was time for that change.

Now I am here. The *new* shining me. Me. 

Nice to meet you all!

*audience claps their hands* 


(The curtain falls down. The lights go off.) Phew! I did it. Now let's go into hiding again.

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