Thursday, September 8, 2011

Conversations...with your characters!

Photo by ^Riza^ 

Hey Everyone Kalimera,

I do hope you are all okay. It's been a while I know, but here I am writing this entry. I always say to myself that I have to update my blog, but it is not easy to do that. I am so focused writing my story these days that even when I am not writing, I am thinking and rethinking about my story's plot. 

For a writer this is an endless process. 

I might be walking on the street, eating lunch, or even going to sleep and my mind won't stop forming scenes, lines or having new ideas. It is obvious that people cannot control their own mind. It is working 24-7 even when we are sleeping. So, when it is wandering I just enjoy the ride. I really like when my characters are "showing" me the things they like or even revealing to me their secrets. 

It's the most refreshing thing in the world to have feedback from your own characters. If you don't have this relationship with them, then you cannot write. So when they decide to talk to me, I will listen and keep notes. So, now you all know the reason of my absence.

I will try to be more active here as well. Forgive me when I am not. 

Until Tomorrow, 

Have a nice day ahead!



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